About Our MASJID


Masjid Muad Bin Jabal Islamic Center serves as a place of worship and community for followers of the Islamic faith. It holds significant importance in Islamic culture and fulfills several key purposes:

  • Prayer: The primary purpose of masjid muad is to provide a dedicated space for Muslims to gather and engage in communal prayer. It serves as a central location for congregational prayers, especially the Friday prayer (Jumu’ah)
  • Worship and Spiritual Connection: Masjid muad provides a serene and sacred environment where Muslims can connect with Allah (God) through acts of worship, including daily prayers, recitation of the Quran, supplication, and remembrance of Allah.
  • Education: One of our main goal is to serve as a center of Islamic education. We offer classes, lectures, and programs to educate community members about Islamic principles, teachings, and practices. Mosques often have dedicated programs for Quranic studies, Islamic lectures, and educational activities for children.
  • Community Gathering: Masjid muad is the community hub where Muslims come together to socialize, bond, and foster a sense of unity. We host various events and activities such as religious festivals (Eid celebrations), religious ceremonies (weddings, funerals), community outreach programs, and cultural events.

Our Scholars

Imam Osman Nur
Imam | Resident Scholar| Muallim
masjid muad prayer area in the back
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Experience You Can Trust

When you visit a mosque, you can expect to encounter a calm and peaceful atmosphere. Designated areas for prayer are available for both men and women. Witness the mesmerizing sight of Muslims engaged in deep prayer and devoutly reciting verses from the sacred Quran. Overall, experiencing a visit to our masjid is an exceptional chance to immerse yourself in the rich culture and deeply-rooted traditions of the our diverse community.


Daily five times prayer


Education for all ages


Dawah Activities and events

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